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Mya Bessette - Optimistic Fine Art

Contemporary acrylic and mixed media paintings with vibrant color and uplifting composition.

Applying Gold Leaf to a Painting

Mya Bessette

I’ll admit, when I first started using gold leaf in my art 10 years ago, I was intimidated. It’s so delicate and requires a steady hand and what if I messed up a painting that I loved in the process? The good news is that once you play with this medium a bit, and learn to work with its fragility, it’s actually quite a fun and forgiving material to add to your work.

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Beginner's Toolbox Part 1

Mya Bessette

Getting started with acrylic painting should not be intimidating, scary or vastly un-affordable.  Before I began painting full time, the prospect of walking into an art store completely overwhelmed me and if I had known how simple my beginner toolbox could have been, I would have jumped into painting far earlier.   

I’ll expand more on my love for acrylics in a future post.  For NOW, I want to get you excited about the prospect of creating your own unique art! 


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Out of My Head - Onto the Canvas

Mya Bessette

I am an over-thinker…and a bit of a control freak.  When I begin a piece, I have so many visions and intentions that I can sometimes lose the joy and flow of the process.  If I’m not careful, my source of inspiration can become a little too heavy handed and I find myself being too careful, too stiff and ultimately creating something I’m not in love with.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself with a loaded brush, hovering over a blank canvas, unsure where to start, or afraid of being too bold, or not bold enough or too loose or too restrained…you see where this is going.  It never ends well.

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