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A little bit about Artist Mya Bessette

Beauty is everywhere.  I am constantly seeking visual and emotional treasure.  I find moments, vistas, unique color combinations, precious memories and I collect and transform them into aesthetic stories, working primarily in acrylic, gold leaf and mixed media.  
My body of work is a demonstration of my commitment to optimism and my show of gratitude for the array of exhilarating spectacles unfolding all around me.

Mya Bessette Painting in the studio

The right combination of hues and brush strokes can be so transformative; calming us and bringing peace when the demands of our world seem overwhelming.   I approach each blank canvas with a palpable energy that borders on elation.  It's another opportuntiy to share a piece of my joy with the world.


I grew up on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Homer, Alaska and now have the fortune of painting from my home studio in Bigfork, MT where I reside with my husband, Cody, two kiddos Nevi and Lex and our golden lab Zuma.  My work is often inspired by the brilliant natural contrast that nature offers.  Have you ever noticed that the sun never looks brighter than when it’s just barely peaking over a daunting, deep grey storm cloud?  Or how heart crushingly beautiful a body of water can be when it’s slightly obscured by morning mist?  I am constantly taking mental snapshots of these moments to incorporate into my paintings.   I am self-taught and always observing and learning new techniques, new mediums and fresh approaches to mixed media painting.  


Few things bring me more joy than being able to inspire and contribute to the creative process of those around me.  I'll explore all kinds of exciting topics in my blog touching on the idea of finding a creative voice while parenting littles, embracing abstraction, a peek into my process and a beginners toolbox for those who are excited to begin creating but don't know where to start.  Being a mom of two young kids (5 and 6) and a full time painter has it's...ahem...unique moments. There are very few surfaces in my home that are free of paint speckles.  But we laugh a lot and we create every single day. Thank you for stopping by and jumping in my sandbox!

Original paintings