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Mya Bessette - Optimistic Fine Art

Contemporary acrylic and mixed media paintings with vibrant color and uplifting composition.

What is "Optimistic Fine Art?"

Mya Bessette

Hi. Welcome! My name is Mya Bessette and with this blog I am excited to finally, for the first time ever in the history of my adult life, use my college degree in English and Creative Writing. Ha! I’m a full time acrylic and mixed media artist living in Bigfork, Montana, a lovely little lakeside hamlet that is the perfect setting for this venture. 

I look forward to creating a community with you while exploring all of my favorite topics: art, pretty things, home décor, life, being a working mom, and finding a creative voice in the midst of it all.

I’ll share the ins and outs of what it really looks like to spend my days creating and painting while parenting two Kindergarten age children.  I look forward to hearing your stories on the topic as well because, let’s be honest, it’s not always glamorous but it can be outrageously fun and messy and trying and exhilarating.  I’ll just say that I don’t buy a lot of white furniture…that’s a good decade away.

"Optimistic fine art” was just a natural choice for my style and personal philosophy. I am the quintessential optimist (I try not to be the annoying kind…more the quiet, steady kind who loves rolling up her sleeves and seeing things through until they take a turn for the better.)  When I paint, I’m pushing all of that positive energy into each painting in hopes that this sensation will reflect back on, and resonate with the viewer.  I'd love to think that one of my paintings might help to create an inspired moment, space, mindset, or perhaps something even greater...

I hope that this is a place you’ll visit to find peace and joy and to become inspired to create beauty and balance in your own life.